The events of the past couple days.

Well, mostly yesterday, because yesterday was a complete and absolute failure of a day. When my Twitter client started up yesterday morning, I found an exponential number of results in the Lavabit search, OK so 19 results at once isn’t a lot, but that doesn’t happen on a regular basis. I very quickly realized that there was a ruling in the case, and the results were not good. Lavabit lost the appeal on procedural grounds. I intend to write a post on exactly which procedural grounds, (but it had to do with waiver and forfeiture.) I was looking at the tweets, but I knew I needed to read the ruling itself, yeah… let’s just say it was 41 pages of well… I called it blather yesterday. OK OK so they do a pretty good job of describing encryption, but after that, it takes a massive slide downhill.
A while after that, y caregiver tries to use the call box and gets hung up on by the neighbor, (again.) Yeah, I’m not sure what this guy’s issue is, he let someone in from my church last Sunday. e always hangs up on Melissa though, and I have no idea why. We also had absolute failures at making quiche, we managed to fix that today though. It seemed to work fine, and the inside got done„ (which it didn’t do yesterday.)
Last night I called mom, who promptly flipped out on me for calling her at work. She then told me that my sister would be coming to pick me up around 6:30. I was like, “today?” I thought she was talking about Easter Sunday, because I’m going with my sister to her boyfriend’s parents house, (because my parents are going to be out of town.) She said yeah, she was talking about today, (this being yesterday, of course,) that we had relatives coming, and that we were going to dinner. She never told me this, even though she knew last week, and I’ve talked to her on the phone 2 or 3 times since then. Then I wake up in the middle of the night with stomach issues, not feeling well at all. That’s gone away now, and I’m left with a really bad headache, but for a while this morning I was sick.

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First full day with Chicken Nugget.

Yesterday was my first full day with Chicken Nugget. I actually really do like it. I did find an issue though, (I think.) Chicken Nugget has a feature where you can use Twishort to post tweets longer than 140 characters. You can expand the tweet text of these long tweets with just a keystroke, which is the same keystroke you use to open links, (but instead of opening these long tweets as a link, it brings them up in a text field.) The issue happens when trying to comment on retweets that are more than 140 characters already, and you check the “post more than 140 characters” checkbox. When you do this, and try to make a comment on a retweet, the Twitter API returns an error saying that the status is over 140 characters. The tweet doesn’t get posted, even though it should, because it should be using Twishort to post it, like it does with a regular long tweet that’s more than 140 characters.

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Testing Chicken Nugget.

I’m testing a new Twitter client called Chicken Nugget. It’s an accessible Twitter client from AccessibleApps. I like the client so far, for a while, I used to use a client called Tween, Tween had a GUI, like chicken nugget does, (the client I’ve used up until today, called the Qube doesn’t have one, it’s text only.) The problem with Tween was, it didn’t archive tweets, tthis client not only archives tweets, but will allow for infinite timeline storage. It has a feature that allows you to search through the timelines, so if you found a link, but you can’t remember who tweeted it and you need to go back to retrieve it, you can search through the timelines to find it. I think I’ll probably use that feature a time or 2!

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My doctor’s appointment.

My Doctor’s appointment went well today. We actually had to wait a while, and I was starting to get worried, because I thought my caregiver might go over her hours. One of the problems we have, is that my specialist’s office doesn’t send records to his office, so I told him that he’d have to take it up with them, because the last couple times, I’ve had to call and ask them to send records. I also told him that my specialist ordered a bone density scan, and that it was denied by my ensurance. I went through the appeals process, and it was denied because of “lack of documentation of medical appropriateness.” He said since I have certain things that put me at greater risk for fracture, he would write for one, and that if it got denied, I should appeal it again. If it got denied again, I should ask for a hearing, and ask them to explain why, after 2 doctors have recommended it, have they denied it. During the appointment, we got to talking about the reading I do, and he asked me what legal case I was following. I didn’t want to explain the Lavabit case to him at first, because it’s usually a long story, but I explained it with the shortest summary possible. We got to talking about HIPA and encryption for a while after,

Doctor’s appointment tomorrow.

I have an appointment with my primary care doctor tomorrow. This is one of those appointments that’s been scheduled for like 6 months now, so it’s a follow-up. The doctor ordered lab tests for this appointment, (I’m not sure why,) so I had them done a couple weeks ago. By the way, (and I don’t use this,) but today is the very last day of support for Windows XP! I used to use Windows XP back in 2009, before the system I was using failed, and I had to transfer to my Vista laptop. I got my Windows 7 system in 2010, and I haven’t used anything other than that since then. I tried to use Windows 8 while I was in Vegas, and I had my NVDA install stop working.

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Happy birthday to my niece Aniah!

Aniah turned 2 today! We had her birthday party at a local pizza place. I ended up getting her a slide for her birthday, and when my caregiver rapped it, it took 2 roles of rapping paper, because the package was so big! Why they had to put it in such a big package, I have no idea. I thought my sister was going to have to help her open it, because I was afraid she wasn’t going to get all the paper off, but she was able to open it.

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Happy birthday to Mark!

Today’s my friend Mark’s birthday! Yeah, his birthday is a day after April fools day. We have this tradition where we send songs to each other on our birthdays, instead of sending cards, (because I don’t like cards, and songs are more fun.) Last year, I was supposed to send one, but I had just started having massive system issues, (this was way before I knew it was hard drive failure,) and it started a couple hours after we got off Skype. This year though, I was able to send a song!

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Family reunions aren’t fun.

Mom called to yesterday to ask me if I wanted to go to a family reunion that’s being planned in August. I saw the email that was sent by the person planning it, and he wants to try to make everyone go. I do not like family reunions! It’s a lot of sitting without much to do for me, and I’d be perfectly happy to stay in the motel and leach off the WI-FI all day long while everyone else visits and gets drunk, because that’s mostly what those things are. On top of that there’s the fact that I don’t really know a lot of people from that side of the family, so it just isn’t fun for me. I told mom that if I absolutely had to go I would, but otherwise, I really don’t want to.

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Recent things.

My niece went home from the hospital sometime yesterday. I was going to go visit her if she had to stay another night, but mom texted me last night to say she went home. Today, we managed to set off the smoke alarm while cooking, I’ve actually never had that happen before, (until now.) I also went to go have lab tests done, my primary care doctor is ordering tests for some reason, even though my other doctor just had me take pretty much the same tests. They say it’s because they didn’t get records from their office again, so yay for that!
Tomorrow, we’re going to go grocery shopping. We’re also going to go clothes shopping, because I need to look at getting some short-sleeved shirts. We’ve already had some warm days here, and I’m sure we’ll have more next month.

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I didn’t have shipping issues this time.

I got both the packages that I ordered from Amazon this time. I ordered birthday gifts for my niece, and despite still having issues with the call box, they both came to me. I actually did talk to the neighbor across the hall about the call box, and he said he keeps his turned off, so now I have no idea which apartment it’s rinigng. When the landlord’s assistant, (who also lives above me,) came to fix my leaking kitchen sink on Friday, he said his call box is also mixed up like that.
Mom called tonight to tell me that my niece is in the hospital with pneumonia, I called her earlier this morning when I got back from church, and she was going with my sister to the hospital to take her in. She had a fever that wouldn’t go away, and cold-like symptoms for like a week. They say that she’ll be in the hospital for at least a day, if she doesn’t keep having fevers, and does OK with the IV fluids and such.

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Strange call box incidents.

Yesterday, I got a strange text from my caregiver, asking if I was home. I was like yeah, because where would I go at that time, when everyone was at work? she said the call box wouldn’t stop ringing, but I couldn’t hear anything up here on this end at all. So she tried again, and it still didn’t work. I ended up having to go downstairs and meet her.
I had to call the landlord to tell him what was going on. At first he said your phone is probably turned off, and I was like what… I had no idea you could do that. He thought it could have been one of the fill-ins who turned it off while Melissa was out sick, but then I had to explain to him that we were able to use it last week. Eventually, he managed to figure out that somehow, while some sort of work was being done down there, (don’t ask me what,) they got mine and my neighbor across the hall’s call boxes mixed up, so now when anyone tries to ring my bell, it rings his. Yayness! because when Melissa tried it again today, he answered, and all she said was “I got the wrong number.
Then when I tried to go over there, and knock on the door to explain what was happening, he didn’t open the door, (even though I knocked twice.) Then this guy came out of his apartment and tried to tell me I was on the wrong floor, and was asking me questions like crazy lady, what are you doing? I tried to explain to him that our call boxes were mixed up, (but he didn’t seem to understand what a call box was or why they were mixed up so yeah… It was creeping me out, so I came back in.

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Sunday school changes.

Last week, we were told that there would be some changes to how our Sunday school class would be done. We’ll still have the 9:00-9:45 class, and we’ll still go to service afterwards, but after the worship, the kids will go back to class for the rest of the service. I thought that was kind of strange, because having all the teachers miss the sermon just goes against the point of going to church, (if you ask me.) When I talked to the children’s director tonight, she said I didn’t have to go back down there after worship, that I could just stay in the service like I wanted to, but I still think it’s kind of weird. They said they were making the changes so that there would be more time to focus on the lesson, and to play games and such. I understand focusing on the lesson, but maybe not doing it during service?

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My caregiver came back.

Well, I’m writing this after midnight, so technically it was yesterday. She came back to work after being out sick last week. She isn’t 100% better, but she didn’t have a doctor’s note for anymore days off, so she had to come back. I actually needed her to help me do 3 things today, that we wouldn’t normally do. I couldn’t pay my Verizon bill last night, because they wanted me to update my security profile, and they were asking me to select an image on a page in order to do this. However, when I went back in to do it this afternoon while she was here to help me with it, the page for that didn’t come back up, and I was able to pay the bill. The second thing I needed her to help me with was Viddler, which is a long story. I used Viddler to upload my Bungee jumping video 5 years ago. Last month they sent me an email saying they were going to remove personal user accounts from their service to focus on business accounts. I archived the email and forgot about it. When I went to go look at an email I needed to file a claim against the Amazon merchant who didn’t send a second package of cookies after I told them I didn’t receive the first one, (and they said they would send a second one,) I found the email from Viddler. I opened it, and realized that today was the day they were supposed to be removing the personal accounts. I immediately logged in, and tried to download the video. I wasn’t able to, (even after trying it with 2 different browsers and screen readers,) I thought that they might not remove the personal accounts right away, (they might wait until the evening, late at night, or maybe even midnight,) so maybe I could allow my caregiver to help me with it. I was wrong, by the time she was ready to help me with it, my account and the video were gone. I attribute this to several things.

  • It was my fault that I failed to remember to pay attention to an impending shutdown date.
  • It’s a lesson that I’ve learned many times since then, that I’ve needed to have better back-up strategies in place. Fortunately, I now have an external hard drive and an make use of Dropbox, so I do have a better back-up strategy, however it still isn’t failsafe.
  • However, it’s the fault of Viddler, that they chose to make their page inaccessible, so that even by pressing the download button on the video page, I wasn’t able to download the video. By “pressing the button,” I don’t just mean pressing enter, I actually tried simulated clicks in all 4 cases. I also tried clicking on the “manage” tab in the video details panel, but it failed in all cases.
  • Also, a second reminder email should have been sent last week.
The third thing she needed to help me with was my phone, I can’t add contacts using the keyboard. Actually, we determined that I can’t add contacts using the keyboard with Voiceover on, I can do this with Voiceover turned off, (although when I tried it the first time, it didn’t work.

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This week…

My landlord started working on the plumbing again a couple weeks ago. He turned the water off to my kitchen last week, and to the whole building this week. When he called me to tell me he was turning off the water, he didn’t explain the fact that it was to the whole building. I tried to do laundry with the water turned off, not realizing it was turned off to the whole complex, (woops!)
My caregiver was out sick this week, so they had to send people to fill in for her. They wanted to send a man at one point, but I said that wasn’t a good idea, as I’ve never worked with a man caregiver before. Not only that but I don’t have the ability to meet the people they send ahead of time, (because this is an in-home care agency,) so I wouldn’t really trust the person, especially because he’d have to be alone with me for 5 hours. They called on Tuesday to ask if sending the man was OK, and I said no. I thought they weren’t going to send someone after that, but they managed to find someone, and she knocked on my door, and I didn’t get a call first.
Wednesday was the day we didn’t have water, and doing laundry was kind of hard, (although we tried to do it anyway, (because I didn’t think the landlord would turn off the water to the basement.) We also went shopping that day. The water didn’t come back on until about 3, even though he said he would try to have it back on by noon. We were supposed to cook that day, but we ended up doing it the next day, (they sent a different person on Thursday.)

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Things I’ve learned from participating in Febooary, take 2.

This was my second year participating in Febooary, and I plan to participate next year, (even if we don’t have topics.) The person who did the topics for the past 3 years will not be doing them next year, and as of now we don’t know if there will be topics for next year. I have an extremely big file of questions I used for blogathon that could be used for Febooary. So, let’s get to the list:

  1. 1. I should mute my twitter client before recording. This is obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many times I forgot to do this, and how many times my twitter searches decided they didn’t want to be nice while I was recording, (this happened during take 5 of the PACER demonstration,) causing me to have to record take 6!)
  2. 2. If I’m going to write a script for something, I should take longer to write and rehearse it than 3 days. I didn’t actually decide to write an explanation for the PACER demonstration until a few days before, and I didn’t start working on it until that Sunday, but I needed way longer than that to prepare.
  3. 3. I should stick to the script if I’m going to use one. This also suggests longer preparation, but it also says I wouldn’t have to record so many flippin takes if in take 2 I wouldn’t have tried to add things in that I thought were hilarious, but could have easily been misconstrued. Those things will! never! be! published! because I deleted them, (hah!)
  4. 4. Audioboo should provide a way to edit descriptions after the fact. I gathered the links for the demonstration on my computer, but I was recording it on my phone, (so that I could demonstrate by putting the phone close to the speakers. I had to end up making short URLs out of the links, then typing them in by hand on my phone, which wasn’t much fun. I don’t have email, (or any form of sync set up on my phone,) so I had no way to send them to myself. If I could edit the description after the fact, I wouldn’t have had to type the links in by hand.
  5. 5. There should also be a way to do some basic editing in the Audioboo app. To take out things in the background like twitter searches going off would have probably saved me from having to do a 3rd take of this morning’s last boo, and take 6 of the PACER demonstration.

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